As a business, your computer is one of your most valuable assets. A reliable PC that can streamline multi-tasking without experiencing a drop in performance is essential to your business success. You’re ready to replace your old desktop, but aren’t sure what to get ?  Contact iBITS Companytoday for more in-depth information and best budget PC desktops buying advice: T: 0632 3517100, E:




Fast and powerful. From everyday tasks like checking email and online banking to heavy-duty fun like movies and games, a choice of Dell PCs range will always get your back.

You won’t want anything to distract you from what you’re viewing on these big, beautiful 21.5- and 27-inch displays. Your content seems to leap off the screen.

Sleekly styled in black, the HP Desktop PCs are packed with outstanding power, plenty of connectivity and a DVD/RW, ready to take on your daily tasks.  Practical and powerful HP PCs are sure to keep you on top.



The Asus Desktop PCs are built around powerful components, making it a solid base to build on. Choose the Asus Desktop PCs for a trusted and satisfying computing experience.

The Acer desktop PCs  provides everything you need for everyday computing. Perfect for work, play and entertainment, the Acer PCs are readily-expandable PCs that gives you the best of everything

Quick, capable and full of handy features, the Lenovo Desktop PCs are the ideal everyday computer for any user. Available in both tower and small-form-factor models.


Custom PCs, bespoke and perfectly tailored to your needs. With the  selection of components  limited to top quality parts only iBITS specifies the exact computer required.

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