iBITS Company Healthcare Solutions

Attractive. Adaptable. Durable.

For more than three decades, iBITS Company has brought distinctive, modern design to healthcare environments. Our goal is to provide our customers with attractive, adaptable, and durable product solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s healthcare facility, from public and administrative areas to clinical spaces.

iBITS Company has the experience — both in understanding the consultative process as well as delivering high-quality, functional furniture solutions — to meet our customers’ objectives while maximizing the value received through our partnership.

Flexible Solutions for Changing Environments

Our product lines are designed with interchangeable components and modular logic, ensuring flexibility and the opportunity for growth, while limiting product inventory and reducing cost.

Non-obsolescence enables healthcare customers to change. Each year, we introduce enhancements and added capabilities that retrofit to existing iBITS Company product lines. This ensures our family of products continues to provide solutions for today’s as well as tomorrow’s facility needs while protecting our customer’s investment in iBITS Company products.