Successful businesses are those that have a positive impact upon their customers and clients. It may be possible to do this by wearing the smartest suits and acting in a confident and friendly manner at all times. The office that you work in should also be smart, stylish and well organised.

1. Exclusive Environment

Before thinking about the different aspects of interior design you should really consider the area in which you want your business to be based. Will you rent some space in the busy, bustling city of London, where rented floor space may cost up to £218 per square foot?

Or will you look to the Asian market and pay a slightly ridiculous $250.00 per square foot? If you’re in charge of a brand new business then it might be financially prudent to choose reasonably priced workspace in Manchester or Doncaster.

2. Brilliant Building

The building that you choose will also tell your customers and associates a great deal about the nature of your business. Forward-thinking multinational companies with big aspirations may like to consider renting an office in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa building, which cost an astonishing $1.5 billion to construct. Sole traders specialising in style and fashion may prefer to base themselves in the trendy Portland offices of the Beam & Anchor.

Perfect Painting

You can evoke a range of feelings by putting different paintings on your office walls. To inspire and motivate the workers you could put up a painting of the world famous entrepreneur, Richard Branson.

Alternatively you could install wall murals, such as those designed by the recently minted artist, David Choe. For an idea of the impact that high quality design can have on the working environment you should check out the 3 rings office in the American city of San Francisco.

3. Classic Chair

If you’re the Managing Director or CEO of a major business then you’ll want a seat befitting of your lofty status. This all important office accessory should be ultimately comfortable and perhaps be slightly raised, so as to reflect your authority.

If money is no object then you might well be interested in the ergonomic Pinafarna Aerline Xten. This grand seat has been designed by a team who’ve modelled Bugatti’s and Ferrari’s over the years. It is a wonderfully crafted item and is priced at $1.5million.

4. Desirable Desk

As a hard-working business person it is quite likely that you’ll spend long hours behind a desk. On some days you might be embroiled inintense meetings with potential investors. On others you might have to write detailed financial reports.

So you should invest in a work surface with enough space for computers and other business paraphernalia. You might even consider paying $200,000 for the highly functional and exquisitely crafted Parnian Spiral Desk. It is made from a choice selection of ebony and Carpithian Elm woods.

5. Superior Stationary

You will probably spend some time taking down notes and signing various contracts in the office. Such tasks could be completed with a basic biro.

Alternatively you could make use of the special diamond laced Diamenta writing pens, which cost just under £1million each. For those of you prone to making spelling and grammatical mistakes there is the option of the limited edition olive-wood Castel pencils, priced at $12,800 each.

6. Collectable Computers

Switched on business owners will understand the importance of investing in the latest computer technology. Such sophisticated equipment may come with specialist business programmes, designed to make your job that little bit easier.

If you’re really keen to stand as a technological leader then it might even be worth investing in one of the high end systems created by George Chirita. Available in the gold-plated Empire, Louis V and Louis XVI styles, such computers cost upwards of $21,000.

7. Magnificent Mouse

If you still have some money left after purchasing a computer fit for the nobility then why not shell out on a diamond encrusted RF Laser Mouse.

This bling computer accessory is available in a range of colours for the mighty sum of £16,200. It may be best left on your business desk, as a symbol of wealth, instead of being used on a day to day basis.

8. Serious Sound System

Leading researchers have proven that different types of music can have a positive impact on productivity and efficiency in the workplace. So you might like to consider giving your employees a audio treat in the form of the Ultimate Transmission Audio Sound System.

It comes with 500w watt speakers that produce a crisp and clear sound that you may only have heard in the biggest nightclubs and concert venues. However, at a whopping $2,000,000 this quality piece of equipment might be beyond the reach of small and medium sized businesses. – Authored by Rachel Glover