Book Rings in Various Sizes to Fit on All of Your Books sells Book rings at wholesales prices. We offer both bulk quantities as well as by the case and individually. Book Rings

Whether you to buy loose leaf book rings in bulk or just one box, has a full selection of sizes from ¾ “ book rings all the way up to 3” book rings and all are available at our discount prices. The loose leaf book rings are silver and made from a nickel plated steel that won’t crack or split and can be used for heavy uses. Each are precision made to ensure easy opening by pulling and secure closing by squeezing the ring shut.

Looking to save, our recommended choice for cheap book rings (only in price and not in quality), are Sparco book rings where we offer incredible values for individual boxes as well as bulk purchases. The following chart shows each loose leaf book ring sheet capacity using 20 lb paper for each size we carry at

Book Ring Diameter Sheet Capacity
¾” book ring 125
1” book ring 175
1 ¼” book ring 215
1 ½” book ring 275
2 “ book rings 375
3” book rings 460

Both book rings and loose leaf rings have many uses including, grouping fabric samples, inexpensive key rings, sample holder rings, classroom material rings, and as sheet music holders just to mention a few. Loose leaf book rings are a fantastic resource used by teachers to help educate our children. By punching the corners of index cards, book rings can be used to easily add and remove index cards created by students for site words, vocabulary words, test questions with the question on one side and the answer on the other or any other creative use the teacher determines. Many teachers like using loose leaf book rings because it prevents children form losing important materials.

In the garment and fashion industry book rings are often used. Many fabric companies use the rings when their customers need to hold a variety of swatches and fabric samples. By punching holes in the corner of fabric samples, large swatches of fabric can be bound together by color, manufacturer or Style. Discontinued fabrics can be easily removed from the metal book rings and new fabrics can easily be added. is your source for cheap book rings , loose leaf book rings. By at wholesale whether your purchase is in bulk or by the case for any purpose or need you may have.