Paper Cutter

  • Heavy Duty Paper Cutter.
  • Type: Wooden Base/Metal Base
  • Base: A4 (10″ x 12″) / B4 (12″ x 15″) / A3 (15″ x 18″).
  • Perfect for paper and card cutting.
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Paper Cutter Wooden Base

Paper Adjuster Included Easy adjustment for cutting into desired sizes. Auto-paper pressing bar Capable paper for precise and easy cutting. Paper Size Indicator Indicates A4/B5/A5/B6/B7 Post card and photo(l)sizes.


  • Put the trimmer on a firm, solid surface before use.
  • Lift the blade up and slide the paper under the paper adjuster.
  • Adjust the paper to desired position with the paper adjuster on the base of the trimmer.
  • Hold the paper on the base with your hand.
  • Press the blade down firmly until it stops.
  • Lift the paper adjuster up and take the trimmed paper off.
  • Lock the blade to the safety locking device when the trimmer is not in use.