Sony LTO Ultrium Tapes

Available Models:

  • LTX200G BlackwatchTM Ultrium 200GB/400GB Gen 2 (LTO2) – ORDER BASIS by 20s
  • LTX400G BlackwatchTM Ultrium 400GB/800GB Gen 3 (LTO3) – ORDER BASIS by 20s
  • LTX800G BlackwatchTM Ultrium 800GB/1.6TB Gen 4 (LTO4)
  • LTX1500G BlackwatchTM Ultrium 1.5TB/3.0TB Gen 5 (LTO5)
  • LTX2500G BlackwatchTM Ultrium 2.5TB/6.25TB Gen 6 (LTO6)
  • LTX6000G BlackwatchTM Ultrium 6TB/15TB Gen 7 (LTO7)
  • LTX-CL Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge (compatible with LTO 1 to LTO 6)
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Increased storage breakthrough: *3.0TB compressed capacity with *280MB/s transfer speed

Sony has made breakthrough coating, surface smoothing, and particle innovations in order to reliably deliver on LTO5’s impressive 1.5TB native and 3.0TB compressed recording capacity.

*Compression ratio 2:1

Further advancements to a high-performance cartridge

Sony has developed an innovative reel hub design that maintains an ideal gap between the tape edge and the reel flange to ensure operating stability. The improvements in coaxiality of the hub and drive rotation axes during operation will give customers peace of mind when using Sony LTO5 cartridges in any LTO5 drive