Epson inks are formulated to offer the ultimate in print quality. They are a perfect match for the STYLUS Inkjet range of printers. Epson’s QuickDry? inks penetrate the paper in just 10 milliseconds, which means they are dry to touch as soon as they leave the printer.

Epson inks produce bold, brilliant colour – with crisp definition. Below are the Genuine ink cartridges that your STYLUS Inkjet printer uses.

Product Code: T038
Ink Yield: 330 pages, comparable with 3.5% EMCA
(ISO 10561) text @ 360dpi
210 pages, 5% in calculatio
Epson Stylus C41SX
Epson Stylus C41UX
Epson Stylus C43SX
Epson Stylus C43UX
Epson Stylus C45
Epson Stylus CX1500