Ink, HP 95 / C8766 Black PC

Color(s) of print cartridges


Page yield (colour)

~330 pages

Page yield footnote

Tested in HP Deskjet 6540 Color Inkjet Printer. Approximate average based on ISO/IEC 24711 or HP testing methodology and continuous printing. Actual yield varies considerably based on content of printed pages and other factors. For details see

Ink drop

5 pl

Compatible ink types


Compatible Printers

HP Deskjet 6520xi Color Inkjet (C8968A) ; HP Deskjet 6980dt (C8972A) ;HP Deskjet 6940dt (C8973A) ; HP Deskjet 5740 Color Inkjet (C9016A) ; HP Deskjet 5940 Photo (C9017A#B1H) ; HP Deskjet 5740xi Color Inkjet(C9018A) ; HP Deskjet 6840 Color Inkjet (C9029A#B1H) ; HP Deskjet 6840dt Color Inkjet (C9030A) ; HP Deskjet 6620 Color Inkjet(C9034A#B1H) ; HP Deskjet 5940xi Photo (C9057A) ; HP Deskjet D4155(C9099A) ; HP Deskjet D4145 (C9100A) ; HP Deskjet 6980xi (CB096A) ; HP Photosmart 325 Compact Photo (Q3414A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 325xi Compact Photo (Q3415A) ; HP Photosmart 325v Compact Photo (Q3416A) ; HP Photosmart 375v Compact Photo (Q3421A) ; HP Photosmart 375B Compact with Battery (Q3423A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 8450xi Photo(Q3480A) ; HP Photosmart 2610 (Q5542A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 2610xi(Q5543A) ; HP Photosmart 2710xi (Q5544A) ; HP Photosmart 2610v(Q5550A) ; HP Photosmart 2710 (Q5552A#ABA) ; HP Deskjet 460c Mobile(C8150A#A2L) ; HP Deskjet 460cb Mobile (C8151A#A2L) ; HP Deskjet 6540 Color Inkjet (C8963A#B1H) ; HP Deskjet 6540xi Color Inkjet (C8966A) ; HP Deskjet 6520 Color Inkjet (C8967A) ; HP Photosmart 2575(Q7215A#ABA) ; HP Officejet 6310 (Q8061A#ABA) ; HP Officejet 6310xi(Q8062A) ; HP Officejet 6310v (Q8063A) ; HP Photosmart C4140 (Q8112A) ; HP Photosmart C4140 (Q8122A) ; HP Photosmart C3135 (Q8158A) ; HP Photosmart D5069 (Q8485A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart D5065 (Q8486A) ; HP Photosmart D5060 (Q8487A) ; HP Officejet 7210v (Q5566A) ; HP Officejet 7410 (Q5569A#ABA) ; HP PSC 1610 (Q5587A#ABA) ; HP PSC 1600(Q5590A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 8750xi Professional Photo (Q5748A) ; HP Photosmart 8750xi Professional Photo (Q5750A) ; HP PSC 2355(Q5789A#ABA) ; HP Officejet 6210 (Q5801A#ABA) ; HP Officejet 6210xi(Q5802A) ; HP Officejet 6210v (Q5803A) ; HP Officejet 6200(Q5804A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 7850 (Q6335A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 8050 (Q6351A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 335xi Compact Photo (Q6379A) ;HP Photosmart 335v Compact Photo (Q6380A) ; HP Photosmart 385xi Compact Photo (Q6390A) ; HP Photosmart 385v Compact Photo (Q6392A) ; HP Photosmart 337 Compact Photo (Q6396B) ; HP Photosmart 422 Portable Photo Studio (Q6400A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 475xi Compact Photo (Q7012A) ; HP Photosmart 475v Compact Photo (Q7013A) ; HP Photosmart 428 Portable Photo Studio (Q7080A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 428v Portable Photo Studio (Q7082A) ; HP Photosmart D5160(Q7091A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart D5155 (Q7092A) ; HP Photosmart D5145(Q7093A) ; HP Officejet 7210xi (Q5561A)

Operating temperature range

59 to 95°F

Storage temperature range

5 to 95°F

Operating humidity range

20 to 80% RH

Storage humidity

5 to 95% RH

Package dimensions (W x D x H)

4.49 x 1.43 x 4.05 in

Package weight

0.13 lb


HP’s inkjet print cartridges, ink cartridges and printheads are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the period of the warranty.

What’s in the box

Ink cartridge