Ink, HP 78 Tri-color BX

Color(s) of print cartridges


Page yield (colour)

~560 pages

Page yield footnote

Tested in HP Deskjet 930c Printer. Approximate average based on ISO/IEC 24711 or HP testing methodology and continuous printing. Actual yield varies considerably based on content of printed pages and other factors. For details see

Ink drop

5 pl

Compatible ink types


Compatible Printers

HP Deskjet 932c (C6427N) ; HP Deskjet 933c (C6427P) ; HP Deskjet 950c(C6428A) ; HP Deskjet 952c (C6428B) ; HP Deskjet 970cxi Professional Series (C6429A#ABA) ; HP Deskjet 970cse (C6429B) ; HP Deskjet 955c(C6429E) ; HP Deskjet 920c (C6430B) ; HP Deskjet 920c (C6430F) ; HP Deskjet 940cxi (C6431A) ; HP Deskjet 940c (C6431B) ; HP Deskjet 940cvr(C6431E) ; HP Deskjet 940cvr (C6431L) ; HP Deskjet 990cxi Professional Series (C6455A) ; HP Deskjet 990cse (C6455B) ; HP Deskjet 990cm printer(C6455C) ; HP Deskjet 980cxi (C6500A) ; HP Photosmart p1000/1000(C6723A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart p1100 (C6724A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart p1100xi (C6725A) ; HP Photosmart p1000xi (C6726A) ; HP Officejet g55(C6736A#ABA) ; HP Officejet g85 (C6737A#ABA) ; HP Officejet g85xi(C6739A) ; HP Officejet g55xi (C6738A) ; HP Deskjet 6122 (C8954B#A2L) ;HP Deskjet 6127 (C8959B#A2L) ; HP Deskjet 995ck color inkjet printer(C9011A#A2L) ; HP Officejet 5110 (Q1679A#ABA) ; HP Officejet 5110xi(Q1680A) ; HP Officejet 5110v (Q1682A) ; HP 1230 Fax (Q1685A) ; HP 1230 Fax (Q1685A#ABA) ; HP 1230xi Fax (Q1686A) ; HP Deskjet 1220cxi(C2694A) ; HP Deskjet 1220cse (C2695A#ABA) ; HP Color Copier 210(C5302A) ; HP Color Copier 210Lx (C5303A) ; HP Deskjet 930c (C6427A) ;HP Deskjet 932c (C6427B) ; HP Deskjet 935c (C6427E#A2L) ; HP Deskjet 930cm (C6427F) ; HP Deskjet 930c (C6427L) ; HP Officejet g95(C6740A#ABA) ; HP Color Copier 190 (C6741A#ABA) ; HP Color Copier 180(C6743A) ; HP Color Copier 280 (C6744A) ; HP Officejet k60 (C6748A#ABA) ; HP Officejet k60xi all color: printer/fax/scanner/copier (C6749A) ; HP Officejet k80 (C6750A#ABA) ; HP Officejet k80xi (C6751A) ; HP Deskjet 9300 (C8136A#A2L) ; HP Photosmart 1215 (C8401A) ; HP Photosmart 1215 (C8401A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 1218 (C8402A#ABA) ; HP Officejet v40 (C8416A#ABA) ; HP Officejet v40xi (C8417A#ABA) ; HP PSC 750(C8426A#ABA) ; HP PSC 750xi (C8427A#ABA) ; HP 310 Digital Copier(C8431A#ABA) ; HP PSC 950vr (C8435A) ; HP PSC 950 (C8436A) ; HP PSC 950xi (C8437A) ; HP Photosmart 1218xi (C8458A) ; HP 1220 Fax(C8461A#ABA) ; HP 1220xi Fax (C8462A) ; HP Photosmart 1215vm(C8465A) ; HP Photosmart 1315 (C8634A#ABA) ; HP Photosmart 1115(C8639A#ABA) ; HP Deskjet 995c (C8925A) ; HP Deskjet 960cxi (C8932A) ;HP Deskjet 960cse (C8932B) ; HP Deskjet 3820 Color Inkjet (C8952A) ; HP Deskjet 3820v Color Inkjet (C8952B) ; HP Deskjet 3820w Color Inkjet(C8952C) ; HP Deskjet 6122 Color Inkjet (C8954A)

Operating temperature range

5 to 95°F

Storage temperature range

-40 to 140°F

Package dimensions (W x D x H)

4.66 x 1.62 x 6.19 in

Package weight

0.37 lb


HP’s inkjet print cartridges, ink cartridges and printheads are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the period of the warranty.

What’s in the box

Ink cartridge